Flight Booking Online

Flight Booking Online


When it comes to booking flights online, there are several factors to consider. From finding the best deals to ensuring a smooth booking process, here's everything you need to know about flight booking online.


Advantages of Online Flight Booking


1. Cost Comparison: Online air ticket booking allows you to compare prices across multiple airlines, ensuring that you get the best rates for your flights.

2. Convenience: Booking flights online is quick and easy. Multiple payment options are available on websites like Tourbom.com making the process hassle-free. 

3. Time Savings: With just a few clicks, you can book both domestic and international flight tickets within seconds.


When to Book for Best Prices


For domestic flights, it's recommended to book at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

For international flights, aim for 7 to 8 weeks ahead for the best prices.


Popular Flight Routes


Some of the popular domestic flight routes include:


Delhi to Mumbai

Delhi to Bangalore

Mumbai to Bangalore

Pune to Delhi

Delhi to Goa


For International travel:


Delhi to Dubai

Kolkata to Bangkok

Mumbai to Hong Kong

Delhi to Singapore


Here are some tips and tricks for booking flights online:

1. Outline Your Travel Plans:

Think about where you plan to travel, the dates you'd like to go, and whether you want to book just flights or a package deal.

Make a list of your plans and keep it handy while booking.

2. Be Flexible:

Flexibility can lead to better deals. Consider being flexible with departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and package deals.

Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to travel.

Last-minute flights can be affordable, especially when bundled with hotels or rental cars (package deals).

Flying from alternative airports may offer better connection times and lower prices.

3. Compare Flight Prices:

Flight costs vary based on factors like booking day, advance booking time, and the booking platform.

Compare prices across different websites (Kayak, Tourbom.com, Cheap Tickets) to find the best deal.

Book approximately six weeks in advance for optimal options and prices.

Tuesdays around 3 pm Eastern time tend to have the cheapest fares.

Check airline websites directly; sometimes they offer better deals than third-party sites.

Consider one-way travel on different airlines for each leg of your trip.

4. Keep a List:

Maintain a list of relevant details such as departure/arrival airports, times, fees, and cancellation policies as you compare flight offers.