Flight Booking

Flight Booking

Flight booking is a process of purchasing tickets for air travel from an airline or a travel agency. It can be done online by phone or in person. There are many factors that affect the price and availability of flights such as demand, season, destination, duration & time of booking. In this article we will answer some of the most common questions that people have about flight booking and provide some tips on how to find the best deals.


How to book a flight online?

To book a flight online, you need to visit the website of the airline or the travel agency that offers the flight you want. You will need to enter your travel details such as departure, arrival dates, destinations, number of passengers & preferred class of service. You will then see a list of available flights that match your criteria. You can compare the prices, schedules and features of different flights and choose the one that suits you best. You will then need to provide your personal and payment information and confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details and a reference number.


How to find cheap flights?

There are several ways to find cheap flights online, such as:

  - Use a flight comparison website or app that searches multiple airlines and travel agencies and shows you the best prices for your desired route and dates.

  - Be flexible with your travel dates and times, as prices can vary significantly depending on the day of the week, time of the day and season of the year.

  - Book in advance, as prices tend to increase as the departure date approaches.

  - Look for special offers, discounts and promotions that airlines and travel agencies may offer from time to time.

  - Consider alternative airports or destinations that may be cheaper or less crowded than your preferred ones.

  - Join a frequent flyer program or a loyalty program that rewards you with points or miles that you can redeem for free or discounted flights.


How to cancel or change a flight booking?

The cancellation or change policy of a flight booking depends on the terms and conditions of the airline or the travel agency that you booked with. Some bookings may be refundable or changeable for free or for a fee, while others may be non-refundable or non-changeable. You should always read the fine print before you book a flight and check the cancellation or change policy of your booking. To cancel or change a flight booking, you need to contact the airline or the travel agency that you booked with and provide your booking reference number and your reason for cancellation or change. You may need to pay a cancellation or change fee or forfeit some or all of your payment depending on the policy.


How to check in for a flight?

There are two main ways to check in for a flight: online check-in and airport check-in. Online check-in is a convenient option that allows you to check in for your flight from your computer or mobile device up to 24 hours before your departure time. You can choose your seat, print your boarding pass or download it to your mobile device. Online check-in can save you time and hassle at the airport, as you can skip the check-in counter and go straight to the security checkpoint and boarding gate. Airport check-in is a traditional option that requires you to go to the check-in counter at the airport and present your booking confirmation, passport and visa (if required). You will receive your boarding pass and baggage tags from the staff. You will then need to drop off your checked baggage at the baggage drop-off area and proceed to the security checkpoint and boarding gate.

Flight booking is an essential part of planning any trip. By following these tips and answers, you can book your flight easily and securely online, find the best deals for your budget and preferences, cancel or change your booking if needed and check in for your flight smoothly and efficiently.

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 Agartala - Guwahati

 Ahmedabad - Bangalore

 Ahmedabad - Mumbai

 Ahmedabad - Dehra Dun

 Ahmedabad - Delhi

 Ahmedabad - Dubai

 Ahmedabad - Goa

 Ahmedabad - North Goa Airport

 Ahmedabad - Bagdogra

 Ahmedabad - Chandigarh

 Ahmedabad - Jaipur

 Ahmedabad - Patna

 Ahmedabad - Pune

 Ahmedabad - Varanasi

 Ahmedabad - Kolkata

 Ahmedabad - Hyderabad

 Ahmedabad - Denpasar Bali

 Amritsar - Delhi

 Amritsar - Jaipur

 Amritsar - Patna

 Amritsar - Srinagar

 Amritsar - North Goa Airport

 Bagdogra - Ahmedabad

 Bagdogra - Bangalore

 Bagdogra - Mumbai

 Bagdogra - Kolkata

 Bagdogra - Delhi

 Bagdogra - Guwahati

 Bagdogra - Hyderabad

 Bagdogra - Chennai

 Bangalore - Ahmedabad

 Bangalore - Bhubaneshwar

 Bangalore - Mumbai

 Bangalore - Kolkata

 Bangalore - Coimbatore

 Bangalore - Darbhanga

 Bangalore - Delhi

 Bangalore - Denpasar Bali

 Bangalore - Guwahati

 Bangalore - Goa

 Bangalore - North Goa Airport

 Bangalore - Gwalior

 Bangalore - Hyderabad

 Bangalore - Bagdogra

 Bangalore - Port Blair

 Bangalore - Jaipur

 Bangalore - Lucknow

 Bangalore - Chennai

 Bangalore - Patna

 Bangalore - Udaipur

 Bangalore - Shirdi

 Bangalore - Trivandrum

 Bangalore - Pune

 Bangalore - Agartala

 Bangalore - Colombo

 Bangkok - Kolkata

 Bangkok - Delhi

 Bangkok - Gwalior

 Bhavnagar - Pune

 Bhubaneshwar - Bangalore

 Bhubaneshwar - Kolkata

 Calicut - Jeddah

 Chandigarh - Ahmedabad

 Chandigarh - Srinagar

 Chandigarh - North Goa Airport

 Chennai - Ahmedabad

 Chennai - Mumbai

 Chennai - Kolkata

 Chennai - Delhi

 Chennai - Guwahati

 Chennai - Bagdogra

 Chennai - Port Blair

 Chennai - Durgapur

 Chennai - Shirdi

 Coimbatore - Bangalore

 Coimbatore - Delhi

 Darbhanga - Bangalore

 Darbhanga - Mumbai

 Darbhanga - Delhi

 Dehra Dun - Ahmedabad

 Delhi - Ahmedabad

 Delhi - Bangkok

 Delhi - Bangalore

 Delhi - Mumbai

 Delhi - Kolkata

 Delhi - Darbhanga

 Delhi - Dharamsala

 Delhi - Guwahati

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 Delhi - Gorakhpur

 Delhi - North Goa Airport

 Delhi - Khajuraho

 Delhi - Hyderabad

 Delhi - Bagdogra

 Delhi - Jammu

 Delhi - Leh

 Delhi - Kandla

 Delhi - Jodhpur

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 Delhi - Kushinagar International Airport

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 Delhi - Patna

 Delhi - Pune

 Delhi - Pakyong

 Delhi - Rajkot

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 Delhi - Surat

 Delhi - Srinagar

 Delhi - Varanasi

 Delhi - Dubai

 Delhi - Denpasar Bali

 Delhi - Paris

 Delhi - Toronto

 Delhi - London

 Delhi - Phuket

 Dhaka - Kolkata

 Dharamsala - Delhi

 Dubai - Ahmedabad

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 Dubai - Pune

 Dubai - Mumbai

 Durgapur - Mumbai

 Durgapur - Chennai

 Goa - Ahmedabad

 Goa - Bangalore

 Goa - Mumbai

 Goa - Kolkata

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 Goa - Hyderabad

 Goa - Chandigarh

 Goa - Lucknow

 Gorakhpur - Mumbai

 Gorakhpur - Delhi

 Gorakhpur - Varanasi

 Guwahati - Bangalore

 Guwahati - Mumbai

 Guwahati - Kolkata

 Guwahati - Delhi

 Guwahati - Bagdogra

 Guwahati - Jaipur

 Guwahati - Chennai

 Guwahati - Patna

 Guwahati - Durgapur

 Guwahati - Varanasi

 Gwalior - Bangalore

 Gwalior - Hyderabad

 Gwalior - Kolkata

 Gwalior - Jammu

 Gwalior - Mumbai

 Hanoi - Delhi

 Hyderabad - Mumbai

 Hyderabad - Kochi

 Hyderabad - Delhi

 Hyderabad - North Goa Airport

 Hyderabad - Patna

 Hyderabad - Gwalior

 Hyderabad - Bagdogra

 Hyderabad - Kolkata

 Indore - Ahmedabad

 Jaipur - Ahmedabad

 Jaipur - Bangalore

 Jaipur - Mumbai

 Jaipur - Kolkata

 Jaipur - Guwahati

 Jaipur - Pune

 Jaipur - North Goa Airport

 Jammu - Delhi

 Jammu - Srinagar

 Jammu - Gwalior

 Jeddah - Mumbai

 Jeddah - Calicut

 Jharsuguda - Delhi

 Jodhpur - Bangalore

 Jodhpur - Mumbai

 Jodhpur - Delhi

 Kandla - Mumbai

 Kandla - Delhi

 Kathmandu - Delhi

 Khajuraho - Delhi

 Kolkata - Aizawl

 Kolkata - Bangkok

 Kolkata - Bangalore

 Kolkata - Mumbai

 Kolkata - Dhaka

 Kolkata - Delhi

 Kolkata - Dubai

 Kolkata - Guwahati

 Kolkata - Goa

 Kolkata - North Goa Airport

 Kolkata - Hyderabad

 Kolkata - Bagdogra

 Kolkata - Silchar

 Kolkata - Port Blair

 Kolkata - Jaipur

 Kolkata - Chennai

 Kolkata - Patna

 Kolkata - Pune

 Kolkata - Pakyong

 Kolkata - Tezpur

 Kolkata - Vishakhapatnam

 Kolkata - Gwalior

 Leh - Delhi

 Lucknow - Mumbai

 Lucknow - Dubai

 Lucknow - Abu Dhabi

 Lucknow - Bangalore

 Lucknow - Goa

 Mumbai - Bhavnagar

 Mumbai - Bangalore

 Mumbai - Kolkata

 Mumbai - Darbhanga

 Mumbai - Delhi

 Mumbai - Denpasar Bali

 Mumbai - Dubai

 Mumbai - Guwahati

 Mumbai - Goa

 Mumbai - Gorakhpur

 Mumbai - North Goa Airport

 Mumbai - Gwalior

 Mumbai - Hyderabad

 Mumbai - Bagdogra

 Mumbai - Jaipur

 Mumbai - Jodhpur

 Mumbai - Chennai

 Mumbai - Patna

 Mumbai - Durgapur

 Mumbai - Srinagar

 Mumbai - Tirupati

 Mumbai - Varanasi

 Mumbai - Jeddah

 Mumbai - Kandla

 Mumbai - Lucknow

 Mumbai - Ahmedabad

 Mumbai - Abu Dhabi

 Mumbai - Male

 Nagpur - Delhi

 Nagpur - North Goa Airport

 Nasik - Delhi

 Nasik - North Goa Airport

 North Goa Airport - Ahmedabad

 North Goa Airport - Mumbai

 North Goa Airport - Delhi

 North Goa Airport - Nagpur

 North Goa Airport - Varanasi

 North Goa Airport - Hyderabad

 North Goa Airport - Bangalore

 North Goa Airport - Amritsar

 North Goa Airport - Nasik

 North Goa Airport - Dehra Dun

 North Goa Airport - Chandigarh

 Pakyong - Delhi

 Patna - Ahmedabad

 Patna - Bangalore

 Patna - Mumbai

 Patna - Kolkata

 Patna - Delhi

 Patna - Guwahati

 Patna - Hyderabad

 Patna - Chennai

 Patna - Pune

 Patna - Amritsar

 Port Blair - Kolkata

 Port Blair - Chennai

 Pune - Ahmedabad

 Pune - Kolkata

 Pune - Delhi

 Pune - Goa

 Pune - Jaipur

 Pune - Jabalpur

 Pune - Chennai

 Pune - Dubai

 Rajkot - Delhi

 Ranchi - Delhi

 Ranchi - Bangalore

 Ranchi - Mumbai

 Shirdi - Delhi

 Shirdi - Hyderabad

 Shirdi - Bangalore

 Shirdi - Chennai

 Silchar - Kolkata

 Silchar - Guwahati

 Srinagar - Mumbai

 Srinagar - Delhi

 Srinagar - Jammu

 Srinagar - Amritsar

 Srinagar - Chandigarh

 Surat - Delhi

 Surat - Jaipur

 Tezpur - Kolkata

 Udaipur - Bangalore

 Udaipur - Mumbai

 Udaipur - Delhi

 Udaipur - Jaipur

 Varanasi - Ahmedabad

 Varanasi - Mumbai

 Varanasi - Delhi

 Varanasi - Guwahati

 Varanasi - Jaipur

 Varanasi - Bangalore

 Varanasi - North Goa Airport

 Vishakhapatnam - Kolkata